Meet the Magic Mirror Photo Booth! 


If you are searching for something that will leave your guests buzzing for days, you have found it- the Mirror Photo Booth by East Coast Photo Booths.


  • 60" Full length Mirror and Photo Booth Kiosk

  • Interactive Touchscreen Interface

  • Animations- numerous interactive & randomized versions

  • Green Screen capabilities

  • Social Media & Email Capabilities- Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc...

  • Social Games

  • GIF & Video creating

  • Touch Photo Signing

  • Emoji Stamping


Are you looking for something unique and truly special for your event? There is nothing like the Magic Mirror Photo Booth on the market today. You are looking at the latest in event entertainment and technology, a more modern and interactive version of older photo booths.

Photo Signing Feature- Your signature is stamped directly onto your prints

The Magic Mirror Booth is not just another photo booth rental- you will receive animated instructions, colorful encouragement, and encounter fun options that will make each session a unique and random experience. Describing it doesn't do it justice, check out one of our videos for a look into your photo booth rental future!