Meet the "MIRROR X" Photo Booth! 

The MIRROR X is an exquisite 6 foot tall mirror that just happens to moonlight as a touchscreen Photo Booth that plays animations. It comes with numerous features that you just don’t get with other photo booths: touchscreen photo decorating, photo texting and email, filters, emoji stamping, GIF’s, and more. Check out the video below and don’t forget to ask if we are available for your date!


Check out the slides below and take a journey with the MIRROR X from Props to Prints:


Are you looking for something unique and truly special for your event? There is nothing like the MIRROR X on the market today. This is more than a photo booth, it is an experience for your guests and it simply looks amazing, made to WOW everyone who comes across it. Believe me, your guests will all rave about this for long after your event. We only have one MIRROR X so be sure to check availability for your event date ASAP.


  • 6ft tall Full length Mirror and Photo Booth Kiosk

  • Interactive Touchscreen Interface

  • Animations- numerous interactive & randomized versions

  • Green Screen capabilities

  • Social Games (not recommended for busier events)

  • GIF creation

  • Touch Photo Signing

  • Emoji Stamping

  • SHARE YOUR CREATIONS- everyone can email and text themselves their Photos and GIF’s