Features Overview

Here are the answers to some common questions about our services.


How long does it take to set up the booth? 

We generally arrive approximately 90 minutes before an event for setup. Our booths can be set up within 45 minutes if your event requires a quick setup, but whenever possible we prefer to be on site early. 

Payment Schedule and Options

We require a $300 deposit to secure a booth for your event. Final payment is due one week before your event. We accept a check or paypal payment for the deposit (paypal allows for credit card payment), and final payment can be made with check, paypal, or cash (this option is payable on the day of your event). Paypal payments can be made to: "info@ecphotobooths.com" or we can send you a paypal invoice, just let us know this is what you would like to do.


We are fully insured with both Workman's Compensation and $1,000,000 Liability policies, which cover anything we have encountered in 9 years of business. If you require proof or certification of these policies, just let us know who to send it to and they should have it within 1-2 business days.

Everything About Our Booth Attendants

Dress- Each rental comes with one or more booth attendants (typically a single person). Our attendants will be appropriately dressed for your event. Most events warrant slacks, button-up, and tie for gentlemen, and the equivalent for our female attendants. Additionally, we also cater to special requests, whether they be for our staff to wear "all black" or religious preferences that may require additional care in choosing attire. 

Role- Your attendant is there to make sure your guests properly use the photo booth, maintain the efficiency and movement of the line, and offer the friendly and sage advice of a photo booth veteran. Additional duties include- making sure your scrapbook comes out beautiful and assisting guests with items like our social media kiosk. 

Meal and Gratuity- You are not obligated to feed or tip your attendant. Our staff understands that you have already spent a significant amount for your event to be perfect, and we are just happy that you have chosen our services for the day. If you feel that you do want to provide a meal or gratuity, it is always very welcome, but never expected. 


How many Prints do we get?

As of 2018, all of our packages come with either unlimited 2x6 prints, or up to (5) 4x6's every session. To be more specific- if ten people take a photo together we will print them each a 2x6 strip, and an additional one for your scrapbook (11 total). If you would prefer 4x6 prints, we will print up to 5 per session. A session is defined as the series of photos that make up a print. This is typically a 3 photo sequence.

Can I add a logo or artwork to my prints?

Yes, we encourage you to send us anything you may want incorporated in your print layout. This can include a logo or monogram you have created for your special day or anything else you may have used for your website, business, invitations, etc. The best type of file to send us is a .png, but .jpg can be usable sometimes as well. We will do our best to incorporate whatever it is you want to see and send you a proof over once we have your vision clearly defined.

Step and Repeat Banner- what we need from you

The Step and Repeat banner requires input from you to help us fulfill your vision. Most S&R banners include a mix of captions and/or visual items to make an attractive backdrop for your photos. For instance, for a sweet 16 you may want the birthday girl's name, the date, and a visual item or two mixed together to create this effect. We would also need to know what colors you want to key in on.