East Coast Photo Booths are designed to be classy, spacious, and high quality. Below are listed some of the highlights of our booths.

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 We have the largest enclosed photobooth in New Jersey.

Largest Booths in the Business!

1. At 7′x5′ feet our booths are the largest fully enclosed photo booth rentals in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. That means more people can fit into every shot than any other photo booth rental out there, and in private.

  • High Resolution Digital Photos

2.  Aside from affordable cost, size and easy mobility, our booths hold an advantage over the competition because they provide high resolution pictures. Often, the technology used in hard body booths is antiquated and other digital booth companies take very grainy, plain photos using poor lighting and very boring backgrounds.. East Coast Photo Booth rentals feature 10.0 megapixel photography or better, a higher resolution than you will find in other booths, both hard body and digital. In addition, we use professional lighting equipment and backgrounds to provide you with the best possible photos.


  • Customization

3. Our booths offer a choice of several different backdrops. Choose between blue, white, red, pink, silver, and others. Also, we give you the option of adding a special caption to your photos: “Angela and Dwight- June 3rd, 2009″. Hard body booths can’t necessarily provide such customization and this makes a digital booth a great choice. Additionally, we can add any artwork you like, and customize your photos borders to get it just right.

  • Design

4. If you are looking to have a vintage feel, then a hard body booth might be the right choice for you. However, these booths and their designs sometimes don’t mesh well with the decor of your event. Our photobooth rentals are elegant and offer the choice of many different color curtains, to help our booths blend in with your event’s decor. Our booths look great in any location in New Jersey and beyond, just look above!

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