East Coast Photo Booth: “The Classic” Photo Booth

East Coast Photo Booths are designed to be classy, spacious, and elegant. Below are listed some of the highlights of our “Classic” booths.

*Largest Booths: At 7ft x 5 ft and completely covered, our booths are bigger than anyone’s. Our record amount of people in one of our booths is 20!!!, but prepare to get close if you want to get close to that feat.

* Elegant Design: “The Classic” is gloved in an elegant Hand-Crafted, fully enclosed, Velour Cover. It looks great in any location and won’t give off a garish vibe at your classy event like some booths will. Each booth can be custom accented to your event’s theme with your choice of various curtain colors.

*Professional Equipment: Each photo booth is equipped with professional photography equipment and lighting. Some lower end booths utilize lower end web cam’s and poor flash technology. East Coast Photo Booth’s all come equipped to make each photo beautiful. Additionally, we utilize the latest in print technology to produce your photo prints in 7 to 10 seconds. The prints are waterproof and of the highest color and quality.

*Customization: Each rental comes with a complete list of free customizations, including your choice of photo backdrop, booth accent curtain, custom caption and border, and more. We also have premium upgrades available as well. Nowhere else will you find so many options available to you for your event.

Check out our new “FROSTED” inspired Photo Booths!


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NEW! Original Series of Premium Photo Booths!

“Photo Booth Innovations” by East Coast Photo Booths

Our line of premium Photo Booths are a new addition to our services. Each “Photo Booth Innovation” is a Premium Photo Booth, exquisitely hand tailored and crafted to fit an innovative theme. We have had countless inquiries over the years for something different and special, and finally we are able to offer something truly unique, one-of-a-kind, and absolutely beautiful. When you rent one of our Premium Photo Booth Innovations, you are can be sure that there is nothing even close to it out there on the market. If you want something Unique and different, a Photo Booth Innovation by East Coast Photo Booths is the way to go. If that weren’t enough, they are updated with the latest technology for the most amazing cutting edge experience available. Each “Photo Booth Innovation” comes with the following: *Large Touchscreen Interface *DSLR Photography *Professional High-End Modeling Lamps and Flash Technology *Hand-Sewn Themed Cover and Curtain *Choice of Premium of Photo Backdrop        

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The Atlantis Booth: Our Ocean inspired Photo Booth with wooden dock pilings and blue carpet added on.

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The Bolly-Booth: Bollywood inspired photo booth, hand crafted in red velour covering. By popular demand, only through East Coast Photo Booths.

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Perfect for Sweet 16′s, Quinceanera’s, Prom’s and other celebratory events.